About Us

We are the Labour Party for the Sevenoaks Parliamentary Constituency.

The constituency is made up of six wards and covers three local branches in Sevenoaks, Swanley & Darent Valley

Sevenoaks CLP members believe that the Labour Party can provide a future that is fair for all.

The current Executive Committee is:

Chair: Gavin Owen

Secretary: Helen Fiorini

Treasurer: Neil Proudfoot

Vice Chair: Theo Michael

Vice Chair (Membership): Jackie Griffiths

WomenLabour Policy

Women’s and Equalities Officer: Karimah Kelly

Disabilities Office: Margaret Willis

Youth Officer: Lara Vaughan

Business Liaison Officer: David Griffiths

Political Education Officer: Meg Warne

Social Media Officer: Jordan Selvey

Trades Unions Liaison Officer: Ian Rashbrook

If you want to get involved, or are thinking about becoming a member, please get in touch.

Labour Party activity is conducted in line with the rules set out by the Labour Party Rule Book.

Labour Policy
We can disregard the right wing media. There is no division in the Labour Party over policy. We reject growing inequality and the underfunding of our public services including the NHS and education. We will rebuild our manufacturing base by providing Industry with the finance it needs.